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A door stop or door stopper may not be as highly familiar as door knobs and other essential accessories, but you may find that the right doorstop can hold your entry ajar tightly. There are different types of door stoppers available. There are those, which are mainly used to stop draft from entering the house, and there are those that are meant to ensure that the door remains open. With the approach of the cold season, it is important that you get the door draft stopper for your home to ensure that your house remains warm by keeping the cold air out. The door draft stoppers to some people may just appear as pieces of decoration but that is not the main purpose of such stoppers. These stoppers are designed with the sole intent of keeping draft from entering the house and making it unbearably cold. Most of the stoppers are designed to resemble animals such as snakes, dogs and cats. The choice of a door stopper will depend on your preferences and likes.

Types of Door Stoppers

  • Magnetic Door Stoppers: These stoppers make use of a magnet to hold the door in position. This type of door stopper can be mounted on the floor or on the wall. It is easy to install and it functions really well.
  • Decorative Door Stoppers: They are the most preferred stoppers amongst all. Though they are used to hold the door in position, the main purpose of these is to enhance the décor of the house. They are made of plastics and ceramics and they come in very unique designs.
  • Wall Door Stoppers: These are used to prevent the door from hitting the wall when it is opened. They are placed on walls and most are made of rubber.
  • Door Draft Stoppers: These are used to prevent or stop draft from entering the house. They are made of fabric fitted with either sand or old clothes. They are placed on the lower part of the door in order to cover the space beneath the door, thus preventing the cold air from entering the house. They animal designs are very popular with this type of stopper.

Top Door Stop Reviews:

1.Wundermax Decorative Door Stopper With Free Bonus Holders

Use the Wundermax Decorative Door Stopper to keep your door open just a few inches or as a Doorstop to keep your door open all the way. Stop your door from slamming open or shut when you want to keep it open just a bit. The Wundermax is a new kind of door stop that is easy to use. Install it on your door frame or wall where you want. No need to bend over or kick in an old fashion doorstop. Just walk up to your door, open it and snap the latch into place.

2.Under Door Sweep Weather Stripping Door Bottom Seal Strip door draft stopper

Cold air not only comes from the bottom of your doors but from the sides and top as well. We have created a door cover which not only covers the door but all four corners as well.

Many of our doors are poorly insulated as a result the temperature of our doors are much lower than the temperature of our home, that lower temperature coming from the outside door lowers the temperature inside the room or inside our home due to the lack of insulation. The cold door draft stopper covers the door and increases the temperature of the door itself saving you money on your heating bills. As much as a 20° difference from your old door which might be 50°F to a covered door which may be as high as a temperature about 70°F or the temperature comparable inside the room.

Saving you money

The cold door draft stopper saves you money by increasing the temperature of the outside door stopping that cold air from coming in not only from the bottom of the door but from all 4 sides of your door

Keeping You Warm

The cold door draft stopper was created not only to keep out the cold air around the four corners of your door, but even more significantly, it was designed to keep out the transference of cold air that comes through the door. You’ll have to feel it to believe it.

It Pays For Itself

In just a few short cold days you’ll be able to tell the difference in your home. After just a few short months you’ll be able to see the difference on your energy costs

3.6-pack Hinge Pin Satin Nickel Door Stopper

You may need hinge door stoppers if you want something that slide over the hing pins instead of drilling into the wood. Satin Nickel Finish style rekindles a sense of curiosity in your decor. This 6-pack Hinge Pin Satin Nickel Door Stopper pairs nostalgia with industrial grit in just the right way.

Advantages of the Door Stoppers

  • These are important in holding the door in a certain position. They prevent damage to the wood by ensuring that the door itself does not hit the wall when closed vigorously.
  • This product helps in maintaining the home warm and comfy by blocking draft brought about by cold seasons.
  • The door stoppers decorative types could enhance the interiors of the house. When appropriate design is chosen, it will make any house look more appealing and homey.

Before buying a door stopper, assess your home and think of the purpose you want it to serve you. Check the dimensions of your door. After which you can head to your nearest stores and choose the best design you want.


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