Best Metal Drill Bits Reviews

Metal drill bits are specially designed bits for boring holes into various kinds of metal. Drill bits for metal have a totally different design than drill bits that are intended for drilling into wood products, as wood drill bits are completely different than masonry bits. There are also numerous types and designs of metal drill bits. Cheaper metal drill bits can be used easily when drilling softer metals, but when you need to drill through hardened and heat treated material, you will need to purchase a better quality bit.

Types of Drill Bits for Metal

If you would try to consult an expert, you will eventually learn that there are hundreds of types, kinds, and styles of drill bits available on the market. They are distinguished according to their make, the type of holes they make, the materials they are intended for use, their point or sharpness, and few other determinants. Nonetheless, the following are the most common types or kinds of metal drill bits.

  • The High Speed Steel Bits. These bits are commonly termed as the HSS drill bits. They are the most common bits installed on mechanical drills for  all-purpose use. They bore on wood, plastic, and serve as good long drill bits for metal.
  • The Titanium and Cobalt HSS Bits. The Titanium and the Cobalt drill bits for metal are improved versions of the HSS drill bits. As their name suggests, these bits are plated with Titanium and Cobalt. Titanium nitrate according to experts extends the cutting or boring sharpness of the bits while the Cobalt coated ones are resistant to weathering intense temperature changes or pressures, abrasion, etc.
  • Multi-Purpose Bits. Another innovation with the HSS drill bits is the multi-purpose bits. These bits features a diamond ground tungsten tip that is ideal for use to almost all types of materials like wood, concrete, plastic, ceramic, and also serves as drill bits for metal.
  • Masonry bits. The masonry bits are used for boring holes in stone, brick, cement, or concrete.
  • Spear Point Bits. This kind of bit features a spear-like tip and is designed to cut through the fragile tiles and glass surfaces.
  • Reduces Shank HSS Bits. The reduced shanks are shorter bits but larger in diameter and are used to drill larger holes of up to 16 millimeters.
  • Rivet Bits. The rivet drill bits are used to create holes on metals, aluminum, and other materials where rivets are intended to be placed.
  • Spade bits. The tips of these bits are shaped like the common spade’s contour or appearance. These bits are also used for boring larger holes specifically for wood.
  • Step Drill bits. The step drill bits take the shape of a cone or staircase. They are primarily used for enlarging existing holes or perhaps, for light deburring.

As mentioned above, there are hundreds of kinds or types of drill bits for metal available that would still go next to the above list. But the preceding ones are among the most common and widely used.

What Kinds of Metal Drill Bits Work Well?

Since there are numerous kinds of metal bits, choosing an appropriate drill bit is important. High speed steel (HSS) drill bits work well for most DIY projects and for homeowners’ drilling needs. These bits hold up pretty well. Even for most woodworking projects, metal bits work well. If you are wanting to build a bookcase, you can use these bits for all of your drilling.

Few Buying Tips for Metal Drill Bits

  • Determine the type of material or metal the drill bits are to be used. This would save time in making comparisons when shopping.
  • The size or diameter of the hole created is another important consideration. Your building or construction project certainly requires a specific size or diameter including the depth of the hole created.
  • For the best drill bits for metal, you should rather go for the cobalt or titanium plated ones for a longer lasting drilling performance.

Top 5 Metal Drill Bits Reviews: Editor’s Choice

1.Malco DE18 Double Ender 1/8-Inch Sheet Metal Polished Drill Bit

Malco metal drill bits come with a great use when drilling into metal and stainless steel. Malco is a global brand that produces quality drill bits which are efficient and last longer than any other conventional local branded drill bit. They are designed for drilling into metal sheets and steel rolls. Malco has come up with double ender drill bits that play a prominent role in cutting metals and other hard substances. They come handy in ductwork, metal flashing and gutters. Malco has engineered its metal bits to perfection with sharp ends and sharp titanium coated tips to ease quick penetration into the hardest of metals. This brand has excelled over years since its inception by never stopping research and development. Their staff and technical support are always hunting for techniques to improve their metal bits.

Malco metal drill bits are an average 2 inches long with 2 sharp ends, one on each side of the bit. This dual tip gives a fair advantage of using these metal bits for a long time without having to sharpen the bits time and again. One can make use of one end when the other gets rough or rigid. All in all, Malco metal drill bits are a double ended perfect combo of quick and accurate drilling into hard and soft metals. These bits come with a cobalt and titanium coating which helps the bit to remain rust free and also makes its operations smooth. Its 2 inch long sharp ends can pierce the metallic platters like a piece of butter and ease exact precision. It is an all-in-one solution for your drilling needs.

Malco metal drill bits apart from drilling wide and deep holes are also rich in varied features. Some of the features of these bits are:

  • Malco’s innovative double side sharp tip models start on contact with the article to be drilled, resulting in clean, accurate holes and minimizes lock up on breakthrough.
  • nnovative shank eliminates the frustration of bit spinning and provides complete and accurate rotations. These bits are equipped with size markings above the shank to prevent wearing away.
  • Malco metal drill bits are equipped with a hole cutting accessory that can be adjusted for crafting out 2 to 12 inch holes in metal sheets and relatively tougher materials as well.
  • High speed bearings are part of these bits that maintain precise cutting balance and longer cutting life, i.e. long lasting sharpness.
  • They are durable, rust resistant and power tools to craft out holes in metal sheets and stainless steel. Cobalt coating ensures smooth and perfect cut.
  • They are lightweight and feature a solid aluminum frame.
  • Easy operation and installation into any electric and power drill; can easily be incorporated into smaller electric drills as well.
  • Malco metal drill bits are available in many major sizes that can drill holes of any depth and width. Some prominent sizes are 1/4”, 1/8”, 1” and much more. These bits can thus drill holes according to one’s preferences.

2.DEWALT DW1354 14-Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set

DW1354 is the toughest drill bit from the reliable brand DEWALT and offers “start on contact” feature for a price that’s too little than the most. Its sturdy, patented pilot points with the titanium coating are twice more enduring than the black oxide, even when you’re working on non-ferrous metals. They are good at preventing heat buildup while piercing rugged materials. Titanium plating also helps the bits remain rust-free and decreases the amount of friction between the workpiece and the bit.
There’s no getting away from the fact that while drilling, gliding of the bits is an irritating; in some case a risky approach also. Its no-spin shanks eliminate such gambling with life. For dilettantes, this model acts as a must-have kit to accomplice their projects with more control. It can penetrate objects made of plastic, wood and metal; we highly discourage to skip concrete drilling with it though. Hence, those looking for fulfilling masonry purpose are suggested to look elsewhere.
Besides, we are fans of the idea that it has got a tapered web – which means, more immunity and less chance of side-load breakage. Perfect for dealing both domestic and industrial assignments. Total 14 pieces bits of different sizes (from 1/6 to ½ inch) come in a strong plastic carrying case. And appreciably, 30-day money back guarantee is also offered with these easy to carry bits.

3.Vastar Titanium Step Drill Bit Set, 3-Piece Set & Automatic Center Punch

Want an incremental improvement in your tool box? Then swap your present drill bits with Vastar Titanium Step Drill Bit Set. These standard step drill bits come in three different sizes. The first one has steps of 1/8″- ½”, the next has 3/16″- ½”, and finally ¼”- ¾”. Sure, they exchanged 28 individual drill bits, but that doesn’t lag it behind in terms of action.
The first thing you’ll notice among its insane specs is the look. With the golden hue, these steel bits attract any of the viewers’ attention. Since looks aren’t the main advantage of such products, the titanium coating has handled the rest by stimulating durability into it.
Let’s talk about design. It has got a 2-fluted structure that seems sportier. Functionality? It’ll assist you to drill rapidly. A small amount of pressure on the set and the work is smoothly done. Drilling innumerable holes is now a work of moments.
Besides, the bit set includes a Vastar auto center punch. Its brass body is wear-proof, and the keen tip helps to mark the points exactly where you want holes. Thankfully, the striking force is also customizable. What’s more, reliable handling is encouraged through the non-slip knurled grip. It fails to make effective dents on certain surfaces though. This drawback does tend to make this kit bog down a little bit more than its contemporary over time.
This 1.6-ounce drill bit set comes with 45 days money-back & 18-month warranty. So, why spill the coin on other drill bits instead of the Vastar Titanium Step Drill Bit Set?

4.Irwin Industrial Tools (3018002) Cobalt M-35 Metal Index Drill Bit Set, 29 Piece

Drilling with Irwin Industrial Tools (3018002) is a real treat. Built out of M-42 5% cobalt (though the description erroneously stated it as 8% cobalt), it didn’t take long to realize this drill bit set is a unique one. The cobalt keeps it unaffected by oxidation and helps to penetrate sturdy metals.
Equipped with 135° split point tip, this comparatively pricey China-product starts on contact. In practice, it’s a bit limited though. You can access to drill high alloy, stainless and mild steels. But you should never come to expect to drill a harder grade cast iron from these bits. Because that’s carbide drill bits’ feature. On soft grade cast iron, 3018002 Cobalt M-35 set works fine, however.
Ever confused with bit sizes? Which one will suit your drill? The Tap & Drill selection chart will unravel this ageless puzzle. Dependable and safe, its 29 Piece bits (sizes: 1/16” – ½” in 1/64” increments) begin to exhibit their extraordinary performance even with a low force.
During portability, one of the top concerns is the possible damage from sudden fall. Curtailing that fear, the protective shell keeps the set unharmed. Additionally, we should cherish Irwin’s authentic reputation and its disposition to hold their products’ value and 3018002 Cobalt M-35 is no exception.

5.CO-Z 5pcs Hss Cobalt Multiple Hole 50 Sizes Step Drill Bit Set with Aluminum Case

Not only is it the finest, most enduring drill bit set we enlisted, but it’s also among the most versatile and it completely blew away the competition in terms of adjustability. Whether you’re building a deck or simply installing drywall anchors, these 5 pieces of bits are enough to cover your need.
6They come with multiple step variations. Starting from 6 steps in the smallest bit, they gradually continue to be 13, 9,10,12 steps in the succeeding bits. So, from now on, you can execute any quick and dirty projects within a few hours. This set eliminates the idea of changing the bits frequently and you’ll keep making holes incessantly.
The manufacturers have used cobalt along with titanium plate in it, which has given this high-grade a sleek and glossy look. Aesthetics aside, such engineering makes it virtually indestructible. Surprisingly, time fails to fade its shine and a lot of users are happily using this set for more than a decade.
If you told me you thought, it’s unparallelly multifaceted, I’m not sure I’d be able to disagree with you. Its wide service is enjoyable on sheets made of steel or aluminum and plastic or wooden boards. Just make sure the thickness of the target plank must be thinner than the bits’ height. For better accomplishment, do prick the surface with a center punch, no doubt it’ll prolong the kit’s viability.
Guarded with aluminum box, ergo the ease of transport of the tool is not sacrificed anyhow. This case also comes handy for storing the pieces in an orderly and efficient manner. A real time and space saver. Installation is pretty easy too.
It usually costs nearly $25, which is less than one-third the price of the previous model. And, since it functionality is particularly favorable to the thin sheets, never plan anything beyond the most basic projects with it. Within a minimal investment, it’s a decent drill, however.

The Use of Metal Drill Bits:

Metal bits can be used for just about every given purpose. With the numerous kinds and styles of drill bits for metal, they usually have the same functions or uses, mainly to drill or create a hole in almost all types of building and crafting materials like wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, aluminum, etc. Among the secondary or accessory purpose is to create initial holes or fits for screws, nails, securing bars, rivets, and others.
Metal drill bits are very versatile as there are different styles. There are metal bits to cut flat holes, deep holes as well as diagonal holes. You can drill into metal sheets, regardless of their thickness. This is made possible as a result of their hard and sharp tip along with solidly structured sharp shafts and cutting edges. Some of the major producers of these metal drill bits include Irwin, Malco, Dewalt, Hanson, which are discussed on other pages of this site. Drill bit sets are also available so you can have a complete set of metal drill bits. This is a wise investment for the homeowner or do-it-yourself project geek. These sets are typically housed in a tough case that also keeps the bits organized and together.


The carbide drill bit works well when drilling through most hard metals. The carbide tip adds toughness and durability to the drill bit. But even this good quality drill bit isn’t strong enough to drill through cast iron, titanium or treated stainless steel. With these applications, a cobalt drill bit works very well. Cobalt bits are made of a solid composition of steel and cobalt. A cobalt bit is heat-treated which changes its color from a steel blue to a shiny gold. These drill bits are designed for high speed drilling, and hold up well with the heat that is generated due to friction. These bits are much more expensive, but can literally drill through any kind of metal material. The aviation industry uses cobalt bits very extensively. 


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